DSC_6326Sam joined the team in January 2015 and cricket has always been his number one sport. He started out watching the game from a very young age, champing at the bit to get out on to the field and begin playing. Eventually, turning of age, he began playing U10 kwik cricket and has since progressed through the age groups at several clubs including Burton on the Wolds and Bardon Hill.

Sam also played senior cricket for a few teams before eventually settling at Barrow Town Cricket Club, where for the past 3 years has been team captain for the 3rd XI, and moving forward will be 2nd XI captain.

Sam’s coaching career began at the age of 15 where he began volunteering at Barrow Town coaching the kwik cricket teams. From the first day of cricket coaching, he knew it was something that he loved and wanted to progress with. In November 2011, Sam completed the necessary qualifications to become a coach and also undertook a Sports Coaching Degree through Loughborough University.

Since Sam joined the team as Cricket Development Coach in 2015, he has subsequently undertaken a Project Manager Role where he is responsible for schools in the North West Leicestershire, Melton, Hinckley & Bosworth and Charnwood areas of Leicestershire.