Interested in playing?

For individuals looking to play please click here to find your local cricket club. You could also visit thePlaying section of our website where you will find more information about different formats of the game that might be of interest.

In this section of the web-site you will find details about Senior club cricket in Leicestershire and Rutland under the following headings;

Chance to Shine Street – Young Adults

Chance to Shine Street is a quick, small-sided game played in urban areas with limited green spaces. Played in ball-courts, multi-use game areas and indoors, this 20 ball, 20 minute game is played with a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape. We run two Young Adults programmes and a community league in Leicester and more information can be found if you click here

Last Man Stands

Last Man Stands (LMS) is 8-a-side T20, played by the normal laws of cricket with some extra rules to make the game more inclusive and exciting. Games last just over 2 hours. Unlike 11-a-side T20, all players get involved in the game. There will be several leagues running across Leicester in 2015 so keep an eye out for updates on our LMS page.

Please click here for more information.

L&R Cricket League

The Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket League are responsible for the running of senior league and cup competitions in the County. More information about the league can be found by clicking here


You can find details of the clubs developing and supporting Women’s club cricket by clicking here