ECB CA Purpose Statement: The purpose of the ECB CA is to inspire participation and maximise performance of cricket coaches and players.

ECB CA Leicestershire & Rutland Vision: To support our members to maximise their coaching performance so that they can not only inspire people to choose and enjoy a lifelong involvement in cricket but can also help them to realise their aspirations for the game.  

Strategy Statement; to develop a voluntary workforce with the skills and expertise to reengage with existing and lapsed ECB CA members in the County so we can understand what help and support they need from the Coaches Association.

Whilst we understand the need to recruit and retain members we believe that developing a service that our members value will enable them to become advocates that help promote the benefits to those starting on the coach education pathway. Please take a look at the LRCA Strategy 2016-17

 The ECB Coaches’ Association (ECBCA) provides membership services and an infrastructure of local County Board Coaches Associations which take responsibility, on behalf of the ECB, for the organisation, delivery and assessment of the key elements of the ECB’s Coach Education and Development Programmes.  Every County has a vibrant network of like-minded coaches who can provide you with support and ideas. Spend time talking and learning with other coaches within your county. Your local CA keeps you up to date with regular communications and a calendar of local events.

ECBCA Benefits

The Leicestershire and Rutland Coaches Association (L&RCA) performs a key role in supporting the Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket Coach Education and Development programmes and its member coaches.

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Joining ECB CA provides the following benefits:

• icoachcricket
• Access to up to date coaching news and information (nationally and locally)
• Access to discounted clothing and coaching resources
• Insurance cover for coaches
• Regular technical bulletin from the ECB “Coaches Matter” on icoachcricket
• A copy of the ECB “Wings to Fly” DVD series and on icoachcricket

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For more information regarding L&RCA please contact Heather Beattie on or 0116 2442198.