SACP image 1Our South Asian Communities Programme (SACP) is key in achieving our five year vision of ‘Inspiring people to choose and enjoy a lifelong involvement in cricket with a mission to lead and influence the provision of opportunities for people of all ages and from all communities. For the next 12 months our objectives that support this programme are;

  1. Sustain growth in the number of people involved
  2. Deliver opportunities which meet the needs of cricketers past, present and future
  3. Create, strengthen, facilitate and develop partnerships
  4. Evidence greater impact through wider community engagement
  5. Plan and deliver alongside Leicestershire County Cricket Club

Cricket played in South Asian Communities is a vibrant, well established part of the game and currently 30% of all Street Youth National Compcricket played is by South Asian participants who are six times more likely to play cricket than other demographic groups. Leicester City has a high BME population of 53% with 35% from an Asian background and the largest minority from the Indian population at 28.3%. The city has a young population with 39% under 25 years and a gender split of 51% female and 49% male. Leicester is also the 25th most deprived local authority in England with some areas falling in the 5% most deprived and 35% of households claiming Housing or Council tax benefits. It is for these reasons that Leicester was identified as 1 of 5 cities that would receive additional funding (through the ECB whole sport plan) to focus on retaining existing players and increasing opportunities for South Asian participants to play more often or more regularly in teams.

Our SACP plan is focused on five key strands which are;

  1. Insight and Engagement
  2. Community Cricket Clubs
  3. School and Community
  4. Sustainability
  5. Capital Investment

Key to our achieving success through this programme will be our ability to understand the current South Asian cricket community. There are key headline successes for each of the development strands above that will be used to measure the success of our 2015/16 delivery plan and these can be found in the plan which can be downloaded below;

File Download: SACP 2015-16 delivery plan

For more information about the SACP please email or call 0116 2442198.