• To increase awareness and knowledge in all aspects of cricket grounds maintenance and pitch preparation
  • Training in the use of ground preparation equipment
  • To encourage participation in training days and formal IOG training courses
  • To provide help and support for all association members
  • To make available for hire essential items of equipment for member clubs
  • To work in partnership with Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket

As part of the newly established Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket terms of reference we aim to re-establish the Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Cricket Groundsmen. Our intention is to organise a programme of winter meetings and importantly onsite demonstrations of equipment and techniques. The Association will provide a useful forum for discussion of latest ideas and techniques. The aim of this is to use the contacts of the group and the potential buying power of what we hope will be more than 100 affiliated clubs to seek preferential prices for fertiliser, grass seen, loam and other essential products for the club groundsman. We are proposing a yearly membership free of £20 per groundsman which will cover costs and help to build up a fund for the purchase of additional machinery.


Discussion forum and meetings for the club groundsman to keep up to date with latest techniques and advice on wicket and ground preparation.

Low cost hire of essential machinery including:

  • SISIS Mk 400 scarifier
  • Groundsman secondary pitch spiker
  • Top-dressers & ancillary tools
  • Sarel Roller
  • SISIS brush and hand scarifier

Enjoy the benefits of lower cost materials through the contacts and bulk purchasing power of the association. Experienced ECB pitch advisors in the local association Advice & assistance to obtain formal IOG qualifications


John Upton (LRACG Chairman / Secretary) Email: j.e.upton@btinternet.com Tel: 07867 785200 Will Relf (LRACG Treasurer) Email: whrelf@ntlworld.com Tel: 01509 210954 Heather Beattie (LRC Cricket Development Officer- Workforce) Email: heather@leicestershirecricket.co.uk  Tel: 0116 244 2198