Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) have announce the 3rd ‘Celebration of Leicester-Shire & Rutland’s Oldest Athlete and Active Participants’ will be taking place on Thursday 2nd October 2014 at The Link Hotel, Loughborough.

In previous years, there have been various nomination categories to represent our elite older athletes and those who continue to participate in sport and physical activity for recreational purposes.

There are also volunteering and coaching categories which will enable those who continue to make a tremendous contribution for the benefit of others to be recognised for the valuable work. In addition, the lifetime achievement / outstanding achievement award is for those who make an amazing contribution to sport and physical activity including personal achievements or supporting others to perform and participate.

*New for this year* A new award for this year is to recognise those who have made life changing choices through the Exercise Referral and Healthy Heart Schemes and this is an opportunity to congratulate those who taken steps towards a healthier lifestyle and are an inspiration to others. The second new award is to celebrate active community groups who are enjoying participating in physical activity either competitively or to benefit from the health and wellbeing aspects of being involved.

Considering all the applications received, an award for the ‘Oldest Athlete’ will be given on the night.

The nomination process is now open and can be made either online at www.lrsport.org/oldestathlete

The closing date is 31st August 2014 and all nominees, along with their nominators, will be invited to attend the celebration event when the winners will be announced. Please inform your nominee of the event date/details.

For more information please contact: Kate Scott – Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport T: 01509 564867 / Email: k.scott@lboro.ac.uk