Game 1- Group A

The all stars indoor league was off and running this past weekend on Saturday the 19th of November. It kicked off with two teams from group A playing in the first game which took place at 14:00pm and this was between newcomers Leicester Strikers and 11 Friends who were back for a second year, known to play with plenty of enthusiasm and fire.

The strikers made a promising start scoring 30 in their first skin of four overs. Veera scoring the majority of these with 32 runs to his name but wickets at the other end enabled 11 friends to keep them to a total of 30. From then on it was a struggle for the newcomers as 11 friends bowled immaculately and took wickets at regular intervals. Naresh was the main force behind 11 friends’ success and was a thorn in the strikers’ side as he took 4 wickets and collectively as a bowling group, 11 friends were able to restrict the strikers to a final total of just 1 run.

The Leicester Strikers fought back from the off, winning the first skin, as they were able to restrict il111 friends to 4 runs in the first 4 overs. Suresh taking 4 wickets for the strikers, a great effort as they themselves made 30 runs in their first skin so a start like this was very encouraging for them. After this however, the strikers faced an uphill battle, as 11 friends were able to bat with little pressure and win the remainder 3 skins in the match. A final total of 44 made them comfortable winners in the end. Naresh from 11 friends was the player of the match as he contributed 4 wickets and chipped in with 8 runs also.

Player of the match: Naresh (11 Friends)

Game 2- Group B

The second match to take place, this time in group B, was between another newcomer in Crown Hills and Royton Melts.

Royton Melts stamped their authority on the game from the off posting a mammoth total of 125 in their 16 overs. Anish Patel and Sam Stuckes got them off to a great start scoring 40 in the first skin, which was the highest they scored out of all four skins. Valuable contributions throughout the Royton melts batting line up enabled them to get to a more than competitive total.

Royton Melts followed up a strong batting performance with a solid performance with the ball. Thil2ey won all four skins, as Crown Hills’ highest score from a batting pair was 13. There was 3 wickets a piece for Anish Patel, Joe Malsbury and Chris Malsbury but a brilliant two overs from Nil Patel saw him take 6 wickets and help his side to a comfortable victory as Crown Hills’ final total was 3 runs.  A great start for Royton Melts and the player of the match was Nil Patel contributing 6 wickets and 8 runs for his side

Player of the match: Nil Patel (Royton Melts)