Part of the ECB’s strategy is to use the 2013 Ashes series to inspire people to Play, Attend and Follow cricket. To do this, the ECB and Sky have introduced the concept of Club Open Days that will give more people all over the country the opportunity to watch and engage with cricket in their local area. Through this promotion they hope to achieve the following;

• Raise the profile of club cricket through the development of a national campaign
• Provide support resources for community clubs
• Opportunities for clubs to broaden their reach into the community
• Opportunities for clubs to link more closely with the national team / national campaign
• Opportunities for clubs to develop new income generating activities
• Opportunities to recruit to players/volunteers or provide a platform to reward/recognise existing volunteers
• Opportunities to save money on new and existing Sky packages

The leaflet below provides more information along with the links your club will need to register;

File Download: 1294_ECB_Club_Open_Days_Newsletter_07