STEVE HODGKIN / Credit - CHADWICKS - LCCC 2016 - Ladies Portraits

STEVE HODGKIN / Credit – CHADWICKS – LCCC 2016 – Ladies Portraits

On a typically British, wet day we arrived at Fischer County Ground disappointed to not see the players on the pitch but instead replaced by covers and ground staff.

The day’s activities involved workshops on the different roles that have to be filled in order for a professional cricket club to function properly and who knew how many other important roles were involved with cricket besides playing? For a budding cricketer that wants to work in a sports environment it opened my eyes to the various different jobs I could go into. We got a brief insight of what a typical day would be like in each of the roles hearing from the commercial director, development officer, coach, fitness trainer, head chef and news reporter.

During the afternoon we watched the players in the indoor nets and went to meet the strength & conditioning coach who told us about the different fitness tests the players have to do and how often they spend in the gym. Within a few minutes of meeting him he decided to put us through our paces by seeing how long we could do the plank for. With the lads keen to show off and there only being one other girl and myself we did well for the girls by beating some of the boys and the winner went on to hold the plank for over 5 minutes.

Not only did we learn about the future jobs we could go into but we were told about the importance of doing volunteer roles that will help us to gain experience. We were provided with a booklet of all the upcoming events that Leicestershire County Cricket Club are involved with that we could volunteer for. Because of this I’ll be volunteering at an Elton John concert, held at the ground.

Going into the day I didn’t really know what to expect but I came out with a better understanding of how professional sports teams are run and with a wider knowledge of the various roles involved. The day was very informative and I learnt a lot that will help me when planning my future career.

Georgia Relf