Volunteering and volunteer management is firmly on the agenda for cricket, reflecting the importance of the role volunteers have in improving our clubs and communities. There is lot’s of useful information, help and support for clubs to recruit, manage and support their volunteers effectively.

Clubs looking for additional volunteers first need to identify the roles that need to be filled as well as matching existing volunteers skills to see where there may be gaps. The ECB have developed a simple and interactive task that will help clubs to quickly identify the roles they need filling and how volunteers can be recruited from within the club. For more information please click here

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers E-learning

Without brilliant people like you, cricket simply wouldn’t exist.  Volunteers are our games biggest asset – however, we need to ensure that all our fantastic volunteers feel well managed and supported in their roles.

The ECB recognise this and have recently developed a new e-learning course to provide clubs with clear support and advice about how to recruit, manage and retain volunteers.

The course is FREE to access and will take approximately 40 minutes to complete, but people can learn in their own time and at their own pace. Upon completion of the course, there are a number of documents, posters, and videos available to download which will help recruit more volunteers for your club.

To find out more information please get in touch with Heather Beattie. To sign up for the course, please complete the attached registration form;

File Download: Recruiting and Managing Volunteers Application form

Appoint a volunteer coordinator

The main purpose of the Volunteer Coordinator is to ensure, that at the heart of the club, there is a group of people who are in the right place at the right time with the right skills to enable the club to achieve its goals. The role of the volunteer co-ordinator will vary from club to club, but the main purpose is to act as a focal point for volunteers and volunteering within the club. An example of the type of things a volunteer coordinator would do to support your club can be found in the document below along with a workshop training resource to help clubs understand the importance of this role;

Volunteer Coordinator Role Description; VC Role descripton

Volunteer Coordinator Workbook; volunteer co-ordinator workbook

Club Matters

Sport England Club Matters is a One Stop Shop of support for sports clubs. This resource brings together Sport England’s existing support for clubs; Clubmark, Club Leaders and Help for Clubs to create a single, integrated and free support package for clubs. For more information please click here

Voluntary Action Leicester (VAL)

Voluntary Action Leicester (VAL) are able to offer community groups and voluntary organisations support with recruiting volunteers and offer free of charge training opportunities.  For more information about how VAL can support your club please click here….

vCricket Awards

This is an award scheme set up by the ECB to help encourage more young people aged 14–25 years old to volunteer within cricket. For more information and to watch a video about the vCricket programme please click here…