Coaches play a key role in igniting a lifelong love of the game, inspiring and supporting players to develop and helping them enhance their skills.

There is a growing demand for coaching from players. We know that players who receive coaching are more satisfied with their cricketing experience and more likely to recommend the game to friends and family.

Coaching and coaches are critical to the future of the game. Fulfilling this need is essential if we are to meet the growing demand for coaching and to inspire and develop the players and coaches of the future.

We also know that coaches are hungry to learn and develop but sometimes they don’t know what is available to support their development and improve players’ experiences.

Therefore, to help coaches, coaching and ultimately players ECB have created a scenario-based e-learning workshop exploring three critical areas.

Workshop outcomes

This e-learning workshop has been designed to help develop your confidence and equip you with knowledge, understanding and skills to recruit coaches, advocate coaching and help coaches unlock their potential.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a passion for coaching and coach development.

Please note you must be over 18 years of age to take this e-learning workshop.


Access a course near you or take the 40 minutes e-learning course. Leicestershire Ambassador course 

For more information about Coaching Ambassadors then please feel free to contact Heather Beattie 07495 092709.