Lord's Taverners WicketzThere are 3.7 million children in the UK living in poverty. That’s 28% of children.

For many of these young people, there is a distinct lack of locally accessible and high quality cricket clubs or facilities. The Lord’s Taverners ‘Wicketz’ programme channels the power of cricket as a tool for change, social cohesion and making a difference to the lives of people in deprived areas.

Sport has the power to transform lives in many ways, as well as changing and uniting communities.

Cricket, in particular, can build connections between people from different cultures and backgrounds, providing the basis for interaction and integration. Cricket can also provide the catalyst to engage disadvantage young people and allowed them to gain crucial life skills such as respect, teamwork and self-confidence.

Wicketz in Leicester

The Lord’s Taverners Wicketz Programme, delivered in partnership with Leicestershire County Cricket Club, over the next three years, will set up a year-round community-based Wicketz Hub.

The Hub is aimed at giving disadvantaged children aged 8-15 an opportunity to not only play cricket, but to improve their health and well-being, leading to better lifestyles and the ability to contribute more in their community.

There will also be work with partners, to deliver workshops to the children on a variety of different issues.

For more information on Wicketz in Leicester please contact Mitchell Adlington (Wicketz Development Officer) on mitchell.adlington@nottsccc.co.uk or call 07976 920265