In May 2018, the ECB launched an 11-point South Asian Action Plan to better engage with South Asian communities.

The aims of the strategy are to:

Create more opportunities for South Asian communities to engage with cricket, whether playing, supporting or working in the game

Remove the barriers to involvement and participation in cricket for South Asian players and fans

Build strong relationships between South Asian communities, ECB, counties, clubs and the cricket network

Use cricket to make a positive difference to communities

Cricket played in South Asian Communities is a vibrant, well established part of the game and currently 30% of all cricket played is by South Asian participants who are six times more likely to play cricket than other demographic groups. Leicester City has a high BME population of 53% with 35% from an Asian background and the largest minority from the Indian population at 28.3%.  It is for these reasons that Leicester was identified as a ‘Core City’ that would receive additional funding through the South Asian Core Cities Programme (SACCP) to focus on developing new opportunities for South Asian’s to engage with cricket.

Through the SACCP, Leicestershire CCC deliver a number of community-based initiatives; including Bolly Cric-Hit, a fusion of BhangraBlaze workouts and softball cricket, aimed at getting more Women involved in the game. We also deliver a year-round tapeball cricket offer; a popular format of the game among the South Asian community, involving weekly indoor sessions over the winter and regular competitions over the summer. We have also supported many large-scale community events that have incorporated our community-based initiatives, more details of which can be found on our Events page. 

Both the full Action Plan and Executive Summary are available to read.

For more information about the South Asian Core Cities Programme please email or call 0116 2442198.

In May 2018, the ECB launched an 11-point South Asian Action Plan to better engage with South Asian communities.