Young Volunteers

The vCricket programme is here to introduce young people into cricket, offering a broad range of volunteering opportunities, providing: enjoyable, enhancing and sustainable programmes for both volunteers and clubs. The vCricket programme will change the dynamic of the workforce to support the game.The vCricket awards have been set up to give recognition to young volunteers for their involvement. The award landmarks are for the completion of 25, 50 and 100 hours of volunteering which are logged in an hour book. If you are aged 16-25 and want to volunteer in cricket or if your club has young volunteers helping out already, please contact Heather Beattie for more information or to obtain an ‘hour book’.

Volunteering Opportunities

We regularly run community events and are looking for volunteers willing to support delivery. If you are interested in helping please visit our volunteer vacancies page or contact Heather Beattie

If you would like to volunteer for a cricket club, please take a look at the ECB Volunteer role descriptions to see what you’d like to do before getting in touch with Heather Beattie who would be happy to put you in touch with a club.