Chance to Compete is a National secondary school competition run by the Cricket Foundation, who also run the highly successful Chance to Shine programme. This year’s Leicestershire and Rutland Chance to Compete competition took place at the City Cricket Academy and was contested by Crown Hills Community College, City of Leicester Community College, Uppingham Community College and Long Field School. The indoor tournament was run as a league format with each team playing 6 games each.

It was a close contest as early pacesetters Long Field and Crown Hills both won their opening 2 games. Long Field won the head to head between the two teams which put them in a commanding position. However, both teams once again won games 4 and 5 and as Uppingham and City of Leicester played their game on pitch 2, the crunch game was on pitch 1. If Long Field won they would win the tournament, if Crown Hills won, the County winners would be chosen based on the number of runs scored throughout the tournament. The game was hard fought and the atmosphere was tense as the batting team cheered each run, and each wicket was met with a roar of excitement. In the end Crown Hills won the game and both teams faced a nervous 10 minutes as they waited for the last game to finish before the result was revealed.

Big win’s for Crown Hills earlier in the tournament meant they had a far superior runs total than Long Field and were therefore the winners of Leicestershire’s Chance to Compete 2012. They also took home a loaded kit bag full of outdoor cricket equipment provided by the Cricket foundation.

Praise must go to all the teams who really got through their overs and all the games were played in good time and most importantly within the spirit of the game. Each game was hard fought, but all teams congratulated one another and shook hands at the end of each game which was great to see.

We wish Crown Hills the best of luck as they will represent Leicestershire and Rutland in the Regional heat of the competition.