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Cricket is now in a position to understand its playing market for the first time.  With a third of regular players coming from BAME communities, of which South Asians are the majority, the ECB wishes to ensure that our coaching workforce is as diverse.  This will ensure we are able to continue to grow this number and bring more BAME cricketers into the game, as it is recognised that coaching contributes to people playing the game. To support this, the ECB has secured funding from the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) for the development of coaches.

Bursaries are available for candidates from BAME communities to support their attendance on Coach Education courses. Please complete this form to apply for your bursary and supply us with information that we need to collate and report back to EHRC.

If you would like to send a member(s) of your club to one of the coaching courses, the following funding is now available:

  1. Anyone applying for coaching will be given £250 bursary from EHRC (Equal and Human Right Commission) and £30 from SACP. The ECB and EHRC need to have information on the outcome of this individual being qualified. Please remember that the coaching should end up putting the skills back into the clubs and the community. This will need to be evidenced in some way.

The deadline for applications is Tuesdays 1st September so this is very tight time wise.

The applicants need to complete and return the appropriate application form from the website:  AND ECB Community Coach Education – bursary claim form.

  1. Those who have already applied for coaching using the 50:50 funding from SACP and City council will be streamed into the new funding as described above.
  2. Those clubs applying after the deadline will get funding, as originally planned, from the 50:50 funding from SACP and City council.

When emailing the application forms could you specify in the email that you are looking to get the coaching qualification funded from the EHRC.

ECB Community Coach Education EHRC bursary form

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