Leicestershire CCC is holding a huge event to celebrate the success of Bolly Cric-Hit, a successful initiative that has engaged with a female audience from the South Asian community.

The softball festival will be taking place at Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club, Ethel Road on Sunday, September 9 from 12 noon until 5pm. The day will include dancing, cricket, fun, food and laughter around a great family atmosphere.

Lots of people have already enjoyed the benefits of Bolly Cric-Hit, a fun filled 90-minute session in collaboration with leading fitness organisation Bhangra Blaze, an incredible new Bhangra fitness workout based on a powerful dance routine originating from the Punjab region of India.

Bolly Cric-Hit was designed on the back of a hugely successful summer for Women’s cricket in 2017, including ICC World Cup games being hosted at the Fischer County Ground.

Leicestershire CCC focused plans on taking cricket in to the heart of the community to engage with unique female participants who previously have not had access to cricket through the introduction of Bolly Cric-Hit.

It is not a dance class but an amazing energising fitness routine, which has seen the most fantastic results and response. The sessions are split in to two halves consisting of the famous Bhangra Blaze fitness workout followed by softball cricket.

During the cricket session the focus remains on fitness to ensure the women are having a great workout by finishing off with a very competitive game, hitting near enough every ball for six or four!

In May 2018, the ECB launched a wide-ranging Action Plan to transform the way it engages with South Asian communities and draw more players, fans and volunteers into every level of the game. Leicester is one of ten Core Cities that have been identified by the ECB based on the South Asian population of the city.

Through Leicestershire CCC, over 250 women have engaged in Bolly Cric-Hit and as a result we are holding this big Bolly Cric-Hit women’s softball festival to celebrate the success!

* For further information on the event, please download the attached flyer or contact Community Engagement Officer Amna Rafiq on 07495 092681amna@leicestershirecricket.co.uk