LRS have created a funding programme that looks to change the behaviour of young people through engaging, retaining and most importantly sustaining their participation in community based sport and/or physical activity.

The objective of the funding programme is to raise the standards of sport and physical activity provision in Leicestershire and Rutland predominately to increase participation in young people aged 11-25. These standards can be raised by:

  • Improving Club Structures via participation – e.g. establishing new junior sections by targeting an inactive audience
  • Developing School & Club Links via sustainable community led provision (non-curricular activity)– e.g. more young people joining community clubs
  • Increasing activity and improving health amongst the least active young people in one or more of the following groups – Women and Girls, Black and Minority Ethnic Groups, Areas of Deprivation, Young People not in Education, Employment or Training and Disability Groups.

Clubs, organisations and groups that are formally constituted, not for profit, school or sport development groups or networks, national governing bodies of sport may apply. We expect that any activity funded through the programme take place within Leicestershire and Rutland boundaries (Leicester City organisations can apply but delivery will need to take place in Leicestershire and Rutland)

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support projects which can meet one or more of the objectives of the funding programme.

For more information including an application form and guidance notes please visit the LRS website