57 clubs affiliated to L&RC registered to take part in NatWest CricketForce 2012. Of these clubs, 15 completed and online evaluation via play-cricket and were automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of a number of prizes including 2 £500 vouchers for outdoor netting and a number of pieces of England Cricket Merchandise. These evaluations provide some headline figures to show the impact NWCF has had on these clubs.

NWCF 2012 has enabled these clubs to recruit a further 37 volunteers, 62 players and 23 sponsors bringing some much needed support. 34 skilled volunteers were engaged to provide approximately 218 hours of voluntary labour. A further 251 non-skilled volunteers provided 897 hours of labour. There were 2 volunteers from within local education and 7 NatWest employees to provide a further 20 hours.

The clubs were able to generate monetary support to the sum of £12, 815 which was broken down as £1, 665 of business contributions, £1,850 of sponsorship and £9,300 from grants. This was in part due to the national profile of NWCF and the clubs ability to show they could achieve things with voluntary support.

Appleby Magna CC was able to use NWCF as an additional tool to engage their local community and Parish council to rectify the damage caused by a recent arson attack. Great Glen CC was new to NWCF in 2012 and despite not being too ambitious in their first year completed the necessary work for the season. They will look to utilise the resources and support available through NWCF to start planning early for 2013.

There were a number of interior and exterior projects completed by clubs throughout their events. L&RC will continue to encourage the 15 clubs who completed an online evaluation and the other 42 clubs who registered to complete an official NWCF case study. These case studies not only allow us to showcase what can be achieved through NWCF but also enable clubs to show potential sponsors and funding organisations what they can achieve through the hard work of volunteers.

Some of the case studies for NatWest CricketForce 2012 can be seen on the NWCF case study page of our web-site