L&RC have been delivering fundamental multi-skills coaching to 16 schools in Leicester City as part of the NHS Playing 4 Health programme. A total of 60 schools are involved in the programme which is being delivered by the professional sports clubs within the city.

L&RC have successfully delivered 5 weeks of high quality coaching, focused around the physical capabilities of the children rather than sports specific ability. The coaching has allowed the children to develop their skills such as balance, coordination, running, jumping, striking and catching. All of these skills have been put into practice at 2 multi-skills festivals hosted at the secondary schools that the primaries feed into.

On Monday 26th March, Hamilton Community College and it’s young leaders hosted Hope Hamilton, Humberstone, Kestral Fields, Sandfield Close, St Josephs, Thurnby Lodge and Willowbrook primary schools. The children worked their way around 7 skill stations where they all had the chance to work through the activities according to their own abilities.
Throughout the festival the young leaders supported and encouraged the children to do their best and focus on the Olympic and Paralympic values of Friendship, Determination, Equality, Inspiration, Courage, Respect and Excellence. There was also an opportunity for all the children to take part in an Olympic style torch relay using the 1948 Olympic torch designed at Loughborough College.

Coleman, Evington Valley, Linden, Mayflower, Rowlatts Hill, Spinney Hill and Whitehall primaries then had their chance to take part in the same festival at Crown Hills Community College on Thursday 29th March. It was again supported by the young leaders from the college who took part in the torch relay alongside the primary children. At the end of the festival, the children had an opportunity to collect the participation certificates and have photo’s taken with GB Basketball player Jamell Anderson.

Ash Field and Oakland’s who were part of the Crown Hills family of schools will have their own festivals at their respective schools later in the year.

The Playing 4 Health programme will culminate in a city wide festival at the Leicester University Stoughton Road Ground on Thursday 14th June. The primary schools and young leaders from across the 60 schools in the city will be given the opportunity to take part in this event which involves all 4 sports.