Pyramid League Proposal Page

  • Several Working Party discussions have taken place in 2013.
  • A few amendments have been made to the original proposal as more information has become available.
  • All 110 clubs (210 teams) from the 3 leagues have confirmed that they wish to enter the new league.
  • Long Whatton will also enter the league in 2014 making a total of 111 clubs and 212 teams.
  • Clubs that are unable to fulfil a 22 match season have been taken into consideration.
  • Concerns regarding ground ratings are in the process of being addressed.
  • Ground standards in the lower divisions will be improved.
  • Umpire allocation has been discussed and agreed in principle with ACO officials.
  • The rules books of the 3 leagues have been compared.

Pyramid Presentation (25/04/13): April 25th Pyramid Presentation