5 teams from across Leicestershire and Rutland competed in 2013’s girls ASDA kwik cricket county final, having qualified through their local competition. Representing their areas were:

South Charnwood:  Riverside Primary

City (Lanc):  Braunston Community

City (CH):  Sandfield Close

South Leics:  St Peters

Rutland:  Cottesmore


Batter prepares for the next delivery


Bowler bounds into the crea

The final was held at the delightful Uppingham Town Cricket Club, and was very ably supported by student Young Leaders from Uppingham Community College, who took on umpiring and scoring duties, as well as keeping teams who were not currently playing occupied with simple games and assisting with the communication of information to schools.  We were also joined by ASDA representatives who bought with them a bountiful supply of food for cricket teas and who, when not supervising the distribution of the food, cheered on all of the teams with great enthusiasm.


Fielder stretches for the ball

The format for the competition was to be a straightforward round robin league, with the option for a 1st/2nd place play off if time allowed. We were conscious of the rapidly closing in weather and while the first round started in gentle sunshine the clouds soon gathered and the second and third rounds were both played in steady rain.  Despite this all the teams showed a willingness to get stuck in, with excellent bowling and batting skills on display, including some towering 6s, as well as very good awareness of the tactical requirements of fielding, with players backing up the stumps and communicating well with each other.

At just beyond the halfway mark, with the rain looking like it was not going to relent and underfoot conditions becoming increasingly treacherous, it was decided that the final two rounds would be decided by bowl offs. Not dissimilar to penalty shoot outs, every player in the team had one bowl at a set of stumps, the team that hit the most frequently were the winners!

The UCC young leaders rose to the occasion magnificently, producing impromptu score sheets to keep track of wickets despite the rain that had dissolved their scoresheets almost beyond recognition in the previous round.

In the end the result of the competition came down to the final bowl off. Sandfield Close had to be victorious to draw level on points with St Peters, with the overall winner being found with the team with the highest average score in games that they did play.  Secure victory they did and it was a tense presentation ceremony as the two teams waited to find out who would be moving on to the regional finals.  In the end, Sandfield Close just nicked it by 2.3 runs, scoring an average of 250 to St Peters’ 247.7!

St Peters

Runners up: St Peters


Winners: Sandfield Close


All teams collected their spirit of cricket stickers as a reward for the generous spirit they all showed throughout the day. Congratulations to all teams who took part it what was, despite the weather, a lovely day, and special congratulations to Sandfield Close who will be representing Leicestershire and Rutland in the regional final – we wish them well!