On Monday 27th January, Forest Way School in Coalville kicked off the start of a series of coaching sessions involving young Leicestershire and England U19 star, Shiv Thakor. In partnership with Leicester-shire and Rutland Sport and their Legacy Roadshow visits, Shiv will accompanying our Cricket Development Coaches during their Chance to Shine sessions, offering his expert advice and answering any questions the students (and teachers!) had about himself and cricket. 

Shiv Forest Way

At Forest Way Shiv helped Tom Leonard deliver his session to an excited group of KS2 students, who had some learning and physical disabilities. The session started with some catching games a Shiv was quick to get engaged with each group, teaching them the correct catching techniques and also took part in the catching games. The group then split into two teams to play some continuous cricket. Each member of the team received some handy batting tips from Shiv which resulted in some big T20 style hits! It was fantastic to see the group also engage with Shiv, asking him questions during the session and asking to have their photo with him. At the end of the session, the group were also given the challenge of trying to name the countries Shiv had travelled to play cricket. Along with guesses including Turkey and America, most of the destinations such as Australia and India were successfully named!



Later in the day it was Melton’s John Ferneley College who welcomed Shiv to their session. This group of 14 cricketers were a lively bunch but some seemed a little star struck when introduced to Shiv! After a fast paced fielding session the group got into what turned out to be a very competitive game of indoor cricket. Shiv fielded for both sides, helping the captains set the fields and giving lots of encouragement not just to his bowlers but also the batting side. The game turned out to be very close, with Shiv’s batting partner at the end hitting the last ball for 4 to win the game! Once the jubilation (and disappointment!) calmed down, the students were given their opportunity to ask Shiv plenty of questions including the toughest and fastest bowlers he had ever faced and how he started playing cricket.

Shiv assembly visitOn Wednesday, Shiv went along with Heather Beattie  to Braunstone Community Primary School, where we had a assembly visit to talk about a local lad who is now a super star. Shiv explained to the children how he got into cricket, how long he has been playing cricket for and who inspired him to play. We then opened the floor for the children to ask Shiv some questions and what great questions they were! Lots of research, time and effort was done by all children and staff at the school.  Some of the questions were “How many runs have you scored?” “How old were you when you first played for Leicestershire?” and “how much training do you have to do as a cricketer?”


Shiv onlyShiv let the children know if you put the time and effort in you can achieve your dream, whether it is as a footballer, going to university or being a teacher, you have to work hard toward your goal. He gave a lot of praise to his Dad who has seen and taken him to every cricket match he has played which he thanked him for and made sure the children knew that your parents give up a lot of time to take you to training matches etc so make sure you thank them.

After the assembly Shiv then helped out in the coaching session with two year groups as part of Chance to Shine.  Some of the children took a shine to Shiv and they wanted to be his partner in the bowling activity as well as be on his team for the game!

We then went to Gartree High School for a girl’s lunch time school sports club. Shiv gave a brief talk about who he was, how he got into cricket and about playing for England.  The girls then went into a game with Shiv bowling and the girls smashing him all over the place.

On behalf of Leicestershire and Rutland cricket board we would like to thank Shiv for all his hard work so far!

For more information about Leicester-shire & Rutland Sport and their Legacy Roadshows, click here

Other schools Shiv will be visiting this February are: Rowlatts Hill Primary, Evington Valley Primary, Bushloe High School and Mayflower Primary.